3.11 Night Light-up Ceremony in Miyagi City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

Strolling through the dark within the premises of the Morioka castle, we soon found a glimpse of light shining from far and my tour guide smiled, “That’s where we are heading to”.

I heaved a sigh of relief as uncertainty filled my thoughts earlier on whether we were heading in the right direction with our fingers unseen with no street lights within the castle though it was just 6pm in the evening and it did feel eerie with no one around.

Soon, soft soothing music filled the air and I was then certain that we’re heading in the right location as we started to see human traffic instead of being stuck in the deserted quite castle premises that you don’t see anyone. And when we reached there, there was a crowd forming with some live bands playing some commemorative music for the 3.11 earthquake that happened a year ago.

So what were we there for? If Chinese character isn’t an alien for you, the above will explain a thousand words. It means “3.11 injured” in English and true enough, the light-up around the whole park marks a commemoration for the victims who lost their lives or missing in the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Take a stroll around the park and as the silent and sadness filled the chilly air with each of the brightly-lit lanterns placed neatly around the premises surrounding it.

Dozens of lanterns forming coiled shapes of the letter “8” in circles and lighting-up along the path in the park. Now do you miss count of the numbers of lanterns?

While I was admiring each of these beautifully crafted lanterns, never did i expect that each of these lanterns represent 1 life missing or dead due to the earthquake until my escort told me so. I was utterly shocked at that instant and lying patches of lanterns in front of me, I could really feel the seriousness on the impact of the quake that happened just within minutes, a year ago.

Aren’t they gorgeous and think of the amount of time and effort to lay these lanterns around the park in the cold winter, 14,000 of them.

More Pictures lit-up

Different patterns cut-out were engraved on these lanterns and don’t you feel a little Halloween mood with the light-ups stars?

A photo of how the middle of the park looked like from an aerial shot on a fleet of stairs.

Here’s to end off with Our regards to the affected families and victims of the 3.11 Quake & tsunami. Stay Strong!

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This trip is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan.
All opinions are purely mine.

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