Suwon Hidden Gem: Wawoojeongsa Temple

Flipping through a local destination catalogue at the Suwon Tourist Centre, something shiny just caught my attention. I went forward and approached an english speaking customer officer on the directions to get to this place. She looked and then exchanged some korean conversation which makes no sense to me and replied that this place is too far away from Suwon – an hour ride away and you’ll have to change 2 buses to get to this place.

After making an hour of long draggy ride from the Suwon KTX Station, we arrived in a mini local bus terminal which also has other express buses to connect directly to Incheon International Airport. A 30 mins bus down the road lands us in a remote village that practically has no sight of any pedestrians and it was totally scenic with the hills and quietness but also a little scary because we’d no sight of the Wawoojeongsa Temple!

A few curvy turns ended us up in a really remote area surrounded with a canopy of forests and mountains and right ahead of us glimmers a huge buddha statue with a backdrop of the natural scenery which blew us away with the soft touches that looks like painted.

Out of the sudden, a helicopter rustled across the blue horizons and the setting was so peaceful that you can even see the helicopter at large with the sound close to your pair of ears.

Perhaps our footsteps serve as a doorbell to the monk who came out of the temple to welcome us. Housing a few compartments and some buddha statues in this sacred place, you will feel the peacefulness and quietness which is a preferred place for meditation. He was also kind-hearted enough to converse with us in English and passed us a few notes packed with information of the temple and history.

With a few steps up a slope, turn back and take a look. You’ll be mesmerized with what surrounds the area with the curvy landscapes and small little mushroom-like houses.

Take a stroll within the compound and be welcomed with these small miniature buddha statues surrounding this sacred area. Now who will want to resist a photography of this?

A closer look and you will spot these small statues in a circular direction around the pond which is about 3 metres in depth! Think about the amount of time to construct these small fine statues – it does take alot of time!

If you do take a look at some online catalogues, you’ll realise that there are more photography spots like buddha statues but because of the time constraint and weird bus frequency that you won’t want to be stuck in an area like this which might freak you out when the next bus is in 2 hours (and the sunset will draw in).

Getting Here:
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