Unveil 100 years of TITANIC anniversary on HISTORY Channel

Sure you’ve heard about the famous Titanic known as the unsinkable on textbooks, history lectures, TV programmes showcasing the long-winded romantic movie or caught a 3D Titanic movie at the cinemas but have you watched a Titanic reality show that goes deep into what exactly happened, how it happened and excavate the truth at ground zero where the Titanic ship has sunk?

Don’t sound too familiar or memories aren’t engraved with those diagrams and findings of the ancient Titanic? Now, you’ll have the chance to refresh your memories and also examine into more details of the actual wreckage site and new evidences that surfaced throughout these few years all-in a brand new premiere of TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED airing on HISTORY CHANNEL with exclusive story of this unique expedition and more answers to what, why, how this unsinkable ship actually sunk to the seabed on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s not as simple as hitting the iceberg…” – 2208 passengers were onboard this luxury cruise that shone lots of attention as it was the largest cruise on the sea at that time and on this series, you will uncover some of the passengers’ profiles whom some took the Titanic as a form of transport to start off a new life whilst others which include some of the wealthiest people in the world are enjoying every moments of luxury indulgence on this sail.

From images we shot off Titanic, there was a whole lots more going on than just a shipwreck.” John Joslyn, Owner of Titanic Museum exclaimed with each of the careful detailed screening of the passengers on-board and the stories behind each of them.

Now be amazed of how the Titanic is reconstructed to its actual size with the use of each broken parts of the ship found on the seabed and fixing them together with today’s advanced technology as well as virtually reconstructing all these pieces in a hanger to form a complete idea of how massive it was and how the ship was actually broken apart.

With this being the first ever exclusive revelations of detailed concentrated examinations of these pieces of evidences, the TITANIC: MYSTERY SOLVED is a must-watch as the mystery of the Titanic is now resolved across the fifteen square-mile patch of ocean floor where it has remained sunk till today deep in the ocean bed.

You won’t want to miss this 1st ever premiere of what really happened after the ship hit right into the iceberg, on HISTORY Channel which will be aired on 15 April, Sunday at 8pm and repeated at several timeslots for the next few days over the following weeks.

Return back to history 100 years ago and understand the process of discovering these findings and evidences through this exclusive 2 hours premiere of TITANIC MYSTERY SOLVED (StarHub Channel 401) on 15 April at 8pm uncovered by world’s top underwater experts, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and RMS Titanic, Inc. and HISTORY.

This is a sponsored post by HISTORY. Visit TITANIC.historyasia.com today for more on this special 100 years anniversary show on the TITANIC.

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