Kueh Lapis Batam: La Moist Kueh Lapis Heavenly cake Indulgence

All-time favourites Kueh Lapis is a MUST sought-after souvenir for many tourists during festive season and a food delight to enjoy when back home with loved ones from Batam. Not only the Kueh Lapis are much cheaper than in Singapore, the quality and freshness are the cream of the crop especially with the finest best ingredients all filled in La Moist Kueh Lapis Cakes that you can just simply taste the difference with a bite and even, an inviting smell of fragrance from this freshly baked kueh lapis.

A brilliant lit-sign makes it easy to spot the La Moist Kueh Lapis authentic in its ingredients and 100% home-made, making the kueh lapis as fresh and soft as your taste buds are pampered on them.

What’s Kueh Lapis without knowing the behind-the-scenes and processes? Whisking away in a small alley away from BCS Mall, we soon landed ourselves in a local residence where the inviting smell of kueh lapis filled the air as soon as we stepped out of the car.

100% Unbiased:
Despite us being treated with a wide varieties of kueh lapis that blew us away with the soft layered taste and desiring for more pieces after each taste, we assure you that the kueh lapis is really that good, with the best awarded ingredients and 100% freshness hot from the oven so you can indulge in the best of all, at the same price or even cheaper against the other competitors. Book your reservation for La’Moist Kueh Lapis through our form here.

Look at that smile of ours, such radiant and satisfactory that you will sure be brightened up of your day with this simple delight to fill your stomach.

Enough said. Time for Kueh Lapis – don’t drool because more temptations are below. Here’s an original flavour Kueh Lapis cake from La’ Moist Batam Layers cake with its rich fragrance and taste that makes you float on cloud 9, leaving out the cinnamon taste that is always in original kueh lapis cake in Singapore. That makes me very satisfied with the softness and feeling each layers teething under my teeth and the gush of freshness filling my mouth – it’s that original.

Topped with juicy thick prunes on the first layer and 2 other layers across the 19 layers of kueh lapis, this is a true heaven enjoyment for prunes lovers baked with High-quality Australian Butter and fresh prunes to tempt you for more. Balanced-mixed with prunes, butter, eggs and its very own secret recipe, you can feel the sense of satisfaction after each bite.

Chocolate Kue Lapis Lamoist

Glittered with chocolates on the top of the kueh Lapis, chocolate lovers will never fail to fulfill their taste buds desire of Chocolates on La Moist Speciality Kueh Lapis Layers Cake. It tastes almost the same as the Original LaMoist to me, but to chocolate lovers, it might be something special that suit their taste.

Cheese Burst Kueh Lapis Lamoist
Not on a cheese diet? The La’moist also has a surprising Cheese Burst that totally melts in your mouth when you chew these slices of shredded cheese and followed with a bite of the kueh lapis… nom… yum!

Cinnamon Kueh Lapis
A usuals for Kueh Lapis with that strong smell oozing out of the Kueh Lapis, the Cinnamon Kueh Lapis is for those who wants more than just

Mocha Mocha Kueh Lapis Cake Lamoist

Coffee Lovers will sure fall in love with every slices of mocha La’ Moist Kueh Lapis for its strong coffee fragrance that keeps one awake for more work and it does taste really soft and you can feel the texture of each pieces of the kueh lapis rolling in your mouth. The Mocha didn’t put us off, instead it smelt so good and freshen-up so this can be your source of energy for more boost!

Pandan addicts aren’t missed out too! Made from Pandan juices and slowly massaged with eggs, flour and butter under the hands of skilful professionals, satisfaction and freshness guaranteed for every soft heaven bite, enough to chase your everyday’s blues at work.

Made under the supervision of the kueh lapis boss whom is from Medan and the speciality recipe all the way from Medan, Indonesia, you don’t have to travel further to taste this chewy kueh lapis sinking like gums and the fresh coconut milk aroma just protrude out of these small air-holes and fill your mouth with the taste of blissful-ness.

The most-unique desires: Lamoist Kueh Lapis with cross-stitches packed with rich milk and chocolates, this is truly a treat for the specials as each of these piece of kueh lapis requires a 5-6 hours of baking process and the careful tedious parts of making it cross-stiched with laying each layer after another. Enjoy La Moist Specials – Cross-stitched kueh lapis to moist your taste buds with good food today or book through here directly.

Bake it!

Under meticulous care of the finest best ingredients and the skilful chefs applying layers after layers of Kueh lapis within an hour, it’s promising to see how the Kueh Lapis was actually made at the house where these home-made kueh lapis are freshly baked and witnessed how the whole process was right in front of our eyes.

The eggs, butter of high-graded and flour are all tossed together with the help of such a machine to end up with thick mixture of creamy and richness.

A layer is spread after one another and placed repeatedly in and out of the big oven that you don’t always see at home – but only here as it’s all home-made kueh lapis, thus showcasing the authentic and traditional of Kueh Lapis in Batam, only at La’ Moist Kueh Lapis layers cake.

Can you smell that aroma of freshly baked Kueh Lapis? That’s coming from La’ Moist Kueh Lapis kitchen and each of these cakes are then carefully cut out from the form and ready to be served after it is cooled!

Imagine this large size of ready-baked kueh lapis in front of you… all the kueh lapis are baked on-site and collected within a day at 7 islandwide stores that you can pre-order and bring them back as souvenirs for your loved ones.

A tray of Kueh Lapis of Original and Prunes filled the atmosphere with the strong fragrance that we can’t resist to have a slice and indulge in these delightful moments. Every yummlicious bite is irresistible, thanks to the freshest ingredients all within each layer.

Fulfill your desire

Can’t wait to complete your kueh lapis experience of the true La’moist that you will fall deep in love with? Well, popular shopping destinations like Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall has 2 stores for you to make your dream come true with all the kueh lapis they’ve in-store! Of course, if you aren’t that urgent for that desire-rush, you can always pre-order here online and bring it back fresh and hot at ferry terminals – HarbourBay City Walk (Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal) and Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

Singaporean’s favourite haunts – BCS Mall, Megamall, Kepri Mall are also included in the lists for you to savour these delights of kueh lapis that you will enjoy the best of all with top-graded ingredients. Now, you don’t have to worry where you can get this piece of delicacy as it’s now across 7 islandwide destinations and situated in shopping centres.

With the soft-indulgence of these authentic kueh lapis and wide varieties for you to pamper your taste buds for the best, head on now to Layers batam for your choice of kueh lapis and relax away with the taste taking you away to food heaven!

Make your direct reservation here for exclusive surprises!


This trip is sponsored by Layers Batam La’Moist. All opinions are purely mine.

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  1. hi, can you advise me the price when i buy on 1st Feb of CNY. How long can i keep?

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    hi, price to be issued by vendor.. can keep up to a month.

  2. Tried this brand and others from Batam. Definitely not up to mark if you have tried good brands from Singapore or Jakarta.

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