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Nestled away from the city and next to a golf course, the Tempat Senang Resort & Spa is a great get-away choice for you over the weekends and a short nature get-away from home. Ranked #1 on Tripadvisor among the other popular city hotels, the Tempat Senang Resort & Spa is a sought-after stay for the special ones and a family getaway for something relaxing and luxurious with its exquisite designs and nature surroundings that keep you peace and unwind in mind.

With a touch of modern yet exclusive out of the ordinary designs that you will feel that you’ve let your hair down fully without any burden on your shoulders, the Tempat Senang resort & Spa has 9 different rooms for the special you, and 2 pools – a saltwater pool and a swimming pool with a jacuzzi fitted like a basin up at the centre.

A glass of wine while soaking into the tub of flowers anyone with the soft breeze sweeping across your face?

One of the memorable rooms was this Timor House laid next to the salt pool which hide in a corner down the stairs where the guests whom checked into the room will probably have the pool to themselves as the room is a little off the tracks to the other rooms. However, the room has this antique javanese feel with the engravings on doors and wooden floorings for that extra touch of vacation.

Indulge into local indonesian local tastes in large servings at Tempat Senang Resort & Spa if you’re relaxing your senses with a full day spa massage and fill your taste buds with food before you head onto the next spa session.


Renew your energy-on-the-go with a high-end wellness retreat at the Tempat Senang Resort & Spa with 3 different spa rejuvenating treatment for an ultra-pampering getaway from the bustling life and immerse in nature surroundings under the hands of professionals.

Each of the spa treatment takes an hour and you can try a majestic range of relaxation packages from massages which include its specialty Tibetan Hot Stone Massage and Bamboo Stick Massage featuring relaxing massage strokes with the smooth sliding and gliding of a bamboo stick to facials for a radiant skin. Loves your body sparkling refreshed? Body Scrubs are also available over a range of scrubs from Yellow Lulur to Coconut and Anti-Cellulite and more. There are also other types of relaxation treatment to choose from: Wraps to Hot Herbal Compresses to Milk Bath to Ear candling and Foot Reflexology to reward your weary feets after a long day of shopping in Batam.

Stepping into the Tempat Senang Spa is like entering into a new world of retreat – relaxation awaits in this luxury spa rooms and a designated hair treatment room for the hair spa enthusiasts.

Relax your hair down and let them run under the cooling water.

Some of the spa rooms are meant for larger groups to enjoy a private spa with your loved ones and some are close to nature where you can breathe the fresh crisp air while your therapists work on your body to keep you refresh and recharged.


Ignore the face of mine with this close shot. I took up a Balinese Massage accompanied with a peppermint body scrub and ended off with a soft hair scrub that is comfortably massaged with Avocado Cream under the skilful hands of the therapists and i do feel my hair more smoother and fresher after an hour long of hair cream treatment. The Hair Scrub also includes a 15 mins towel wrap of your hair then allowing the nutrients to absorb into the roots of the hair by the use of a steam machine and heating up the hair like a science experiment.

The Balinese Massage, being authentic in Indonesia went from my back and with some massaging and rubbing upwards and downwards down my legs and arms, the massage followed on to the front of my legs and hands then shoulders to get those work load off my mind, for that temporary moments!

Lastly, the peppermint body scrub concluded the massage with peppermint toughing on my skin all spread evenly over my back and then scrubbed off after a few minutes. The whole session of body scrub lasted an hour and smelt with peppermint, i headed off for a bathe within my private spa room after the 3 hours session of spa enjoyment.

Cool down after a 3 hours of stretching, massaging and scrubbing with a refreshing bathe before you head back home and the bathing amenities are all ensuited in the room at your comfort so that you have the privacy to yourself.

Tempat Senang
offers a half day and full day spa sessions for escapade-seekers whom love to indulge and unwind for a short relaxing escapade out of borders and with just an hour ferry ride away from Singapore, a 3 hours or full day spa will be great for you to soothe your senses and re-energize for a brand new week.

Try it today at Tempat Senang Resort and Spa, ranking #1 Resort/Spa in Batam and #5 in Asia on Tripadvisor and be ready to step into this little gem, away from the bustling city.

Tempat Senang
Indah Puri Sekupang, Batam

Tel: +62-778-325-616
Mobile: +62-813-644-19313

This spa session is sponsored by Tempat Senang Resort and Spa.

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