DYNASTY TRAVEL: The Great Aussie Escape – Fly FREE to Australia

Think you need a quick escapade out of town but afraid that it might burn a hole in your pocket? Now, what about a trip to Australia for FREE?

It’s neither the usual LIKE Game nor a solo trip: Dynasty Travel is offering a pair of economy class air tickets for 2 to Sydney, a pair of economy class air tickets for 2 to Brisbane and a grand prize of $7,000 credits to spend in Australia – now you should be amazed in awe for this opportunity to explore Australia if you haven’t been or a trip back to the vibrant city if you’ve been, so sit up and read on how you can grab this opportunity in your pockets and be ready to fly off! I WANT TO KNOW MORE NOW!


When i was awarded the opportunity to fly off to Sydney (not by Dynasty Travel), i jumped in joy as it is my first trip out of Asia to Australasia and i’ve heard so much about Australia from the iconic Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbour Bridge to Circular Quay and Darling Harbour which have always been surfaced across magazines and tv programmes, and i’m going to see them all through my eyes!

Packed together with my 7 other sponsors, I flew off for my 10 days solo trip to Sydney, Australia and everything just blew me away with the old european street designs and the fun load activities you can do from Jet-skii to helicopter tours to Hot Air Balloon for a real Australia Escapade. And now i’m back sharing the fun i had, and you can too, by joining The Great Aussie Escape by Dynasty Travel!

For the brave enthusiasts, go beyond your limits and climb those small steps up the harbour bridge amidst the strong winds while trying to catch the scenery (and your breath) at such a height above the grounds. Or if you’re afraid of heights, head off to Pylon Lookout and snap photos of yourself with the Sydney Harbour Bridge right behind you. The Pylon Lookout is also a perfect place to enjoy 360 views of the city and harbour while breeze sweeps across your face.

A trip to Sydney isn’t complete without a tour of the Opera House which now has a few theaters, studios and it was heartening to understand the obstacles of constructing such a magnificent unique structure and the behind-the-scene stories at this remarkable icon.

I WENT ON A SUBMARINE! I chanced upon the opportunity to get on-board a submarine, warship and a private sail-ship at the Australian National Maritime Museum where i stepped onboard to experience the life of sailors – bunks to the loads of engines and how it felt deep under the water on a submarine! An exhilarating gem to explore, only in Australia.

Here’s YOUR Chance to WIN a trip to AUSTRALIA!

Want to make all these come true & land your feet on where the koalas and kangaroos are living? It’s effortless and just takes a few steps to clear them all like an expert for you to be in the draw to make your dream come true.

Here’s how:

1. LIKE DYNASTY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE & allow The Great Aussie Escape App. With a minute or less, fill up these essential information for Dynasty Travel to contact you, should you’re lucky to win the prizes.

2. Click START to get your burnin’ desire going to win these awesome prizes. Fiddle around with your keyboard keys – left, right, space and try to grab as many tokens as possible across 8 stages to garner more points. Now, your mum can’t blame you for not exercising, because your fingers are doing the work and your brain and eyes too.

3. Continue on with the other stages to score more points and swim from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef – World’s Famous site for the beautiful coral reefs – and before you probably win the pair of air tickets to Brisbane, you can start imagine what to pack and make your dream come true by scoring more points!

4. Congrats on clearing all 8 stages to the finish line! Reward yourself with vouchers and discounts exclusively for you on your trip to Australia which some of them are pretty tempting such as paying a CHILD fare for a Hot Air Balloon Ride, 1 for 1 Wonders Pass @ Jenolan Caves and go on an adrenaline ride on the OZ Jet-boat for 15% off and more!

Collect as many tokens as possible to increase your chances of winning – every 30 tokens will qualify you in the draw for a pair of economy tickets to Brisbane, a pair of economy tickets to Sydney and $7,000 jackpot credits as the grand prize to spend in Australia!

Think you are influential or share your love for this game that have overwhelmed your interest in Australia? Go ahead and use all your social media juices from twitter to facebook to emails or anything you could think of and spread the word – the more friends accepted the invite = the more tokens you have = the better chances of you winning an iPad!

Still not convinced?

Heard about the UNESCO site world’s famous BLUE MOUNTAINS? It’s a 2 hours train ride away from Sydney and flocked with tourists daily for the Three Sisters which has always been a must-see attraction for the natural blue light formation on the skies as well as the Jenolan Caves located 1.5 hours away from the Blue Mts are also well-known for the rock formations in the caves and world’s oldest discovered open caves.

Pack your bags and escape away with Dynasty Travel on The Great Aussie Escape – beat the leading scores and walk away with an ipad or economy tickets to Sydney, Brisbane and of course, the grand prize of $7,000 credits to spend in Australia!

Hurry, contest closes 30 June 2012 so you won’t want to miss this precious opportunity to award yourself and your loved ones with these prizes in your bag!

This post is sponsored by Dynasty Travel. LIKE Dynasty Travel Facebook Page today to walk away with these travel prizes!

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    The contest isn’t tough at all… go try your hands on it… it’s so easy – just involves your fingers and eyes (and maybe your brain). And also get all your friends into the game for more chances! 😉

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