Sydney Tower Buffet: Fine Dining @ Sydney Tower Eye

Wonder what’s like to dine up high above the grounds where you’ll be obsessed with the miniature views of this vibrant city? I had the opportunity to have a sumptuous dinner with the glimmering city lights in a high-class ambiance at Sydney Tower Buffet in Sydney Tower Eye which i was ushered in a lift at level 4 that glided upwards within 45 seconds.

Settling at the window seat, i was enticed with the beauty of the exterior as i moved my eyes to what’s in front of me – a circular seating area all around the Sydney Tower Buffet in the Sydney Tower Eye and i muttered to myself.. “wait.. is this moving? Why do i feel a little giddy and it’s oscillating?” Then, i confirmed with the international sales manager whom accompanied me to the dinner and yes, the seating area does move slowly 360 degrees and you’ll only return to that same view an hour later.

I was also reminded not to leave my bag at the side, else i’ll have a hard time to find it later. I smiled as it was the first time i had a chance to sit in a restaurant that moves, when it’s usually stagnant and that same old views.

Start your dinner with a cold starter or need that little dieting for more food, then these salad will be perfect for you. Mix and match, whichever style you like.

Seafood rush? Feast to your desire with these generous servings of prawns and Sydney rock oysters accompanied with the salad at the bar.

Surprises do come often at the Sydney Tower Buffet with special food that you can taste such as the crocodile sausage that you don’t get to try it anywhere else but it tastes a little weird, not the same as the quail eggs that i expected.

Be startled with more international selections from the special fish meat that sinks and melts in the mouth as well as accompanying with it, the Kangaroo meat. I took up the challenge to try the Kangaroo Meat since i’m in Australia and it’s a local product.

Kangaroo Meat Verdict: That was a regretful decision: 1. the meat odor puts me off and 2. the meat just taste… weird with that springy sense that doesn’t seem to break the piece of meat away. And then, i know i had enough of these special food from the usuals i always have.

Now you do have everything ready for your taste buds to be pampered – from softly-marinated chicken wings that you have to ask for more to sotong rings, kangaroo meat, noodles, spring rolls that are too big for you to finish in 1 mouth-size and more that you will have a little taste of all without going far!

Need that sweet delight to perk you up? The Sydney Sky Buffet has a range of desserts from mango sago to cakes to tiramisu to fruit tarts and more to add up to your taste buds satisfactions!

My highlight for the happiness after my dinner was this small cup of Mango sago, countless of them melting in your mouth with every delightful scope mixed with mango and cream… yum! Nothing tastes better than this and one scope continues after another. A signature dessert indeed, as recommended when i stepped into the restaurant as a must-try.

No more tiring raising hands for the waiter – just simply press the button and the waiter will be summoned automatically which i was pretty impressed how this helped in efficiency and innovative of the buffet experience high above the grounds.

Best part of this fine dining experience: The mesmerizing unforgettable views that is always changing and moving with the time and food taste. Now, that’s something different to indulge in.

As i descend slowly back to the ground floor, i know that i had an excellent getaway from the norm: a fine-dining near the clouds and with a scenic glittering views of the vibrant city accompanied with good food.

The absolute scenery with food at 360 Bar and Dining

If you will prefer more choices of fine-dining food, head over to the other 2 restaurants at Sydney Tower Eye – the 360 Bar and Dining & Sky Venue will be able to pamper your taste buds with the other extraordinary choices of gourmet.

Sydney Tower Buffet
Sydney Tower Dining, Reception Level 4, Sydney Westfield Centre, Between Pitt & Castlereagh Streets, Sydney
NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 8223 3800

This dining experience is sponsored by The Trippas White Group. Feast into a wide choices of food at the Sydney Tower Buffet in Sydney Tower Eye and across Australia today.

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