A true getaway… Tips to choose an ideal hotel

When Zuji invited me to have my say on how an ideal hotel should be like and what tops the experience to be an extraordinary one, i decided to share my experience and how one memorable hotel should be like, after i’ve stayed over hundreds of nights overseas from Taiwan to Japan to Korea to Indonesia to Malaysia to Australia and beyond.

Well, when i check out hotels for my room before i head abroad, here’re some things i will check on my list before i book the stay:

1. I’ll always ensure that rooms have a private bathroom (i don’t like to walk those long alley down to shared bath, though i had a pretty nice stay at a ryokan)

2. Rooms have to be at least, spacious enough to move around because i won’t want to feel stuck in a space and they must have windows, for me to know when’s day and when’s night. Views of rooms are much preferred of a city view or mountain views, but not one that faces the noisy road, because i need a peaceful sleep.

3. The hotel has to be centrally located to almost everywhere from tourist attractions to subways to food and shopping districts unless i need a tranquil getaway from home, one that is closest to nature then i’ll get a stay a little away from the city area. FROM $48 + 65% OFF only at ZUJI.COM.SG!

4. Staying connected is necessity. WIFI rooms are always much preferred than one which has only broadband connections because it gives me the freedom to tweet, facebook and foursquare without plugging into any wires and i have the flexibility to lie on the bed or watch my favourite videos while bathing away!

5. Bathe Amenities: Soap, Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste have to be included in my room to load off the weight from my luggage especially when it’s a trend to travel lighter and more space to pack more souvenirs home!

6. Facilities: Gyms, Swimming pools are good getaways for relaxing and if it doesn’t add much dollars to the other hotels, i will still go for a hotel with these facilities to dip a few laps or work out in the gym.

7. Feed-me-fat: I always go for a hotel with breakfast to fill my tummy before i head out of the hotel because i don’t have to starve myself looking for food in the vicinity and it will be torturous to do that, when the surrounding is alien to you.

8. Uniqueness of Stay: Almost all hotels look the same – tv, mini-bar, toilet, beds. Bringing out the ambiance of stays, a boutique hotel or a hotel with strange little things like special rooms with every different designs or a tree-house in the room will definitely be a wiser choice to stay in than the norms. Or.. maybe live under the ocean in its rooms that you will be so close to the sharks and maybe for the billionaires, a outer space hotel out of earth.

Living in a castle is a special celebration or staying deep under the ocean might excite you, but how about getting around? Will you want to spend the hefty sum on these transportation expenses than spending them on shopping or perhaps staying like a king in the best room at a normal hotel?

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