Cambridge Hotel Sydney – Extra-large Premier Queen room + a balcony STAY REVIEW

Located uphills at Surry Hills and just a turn from Oxford Street, the Cambridge Hotel has put a glow in the district with its pinkish brilliant colours and I smiled, as the words “Cambridge Hotel” unknowingly appeared along the path heading towards some pubs and restaurants ahead.

Stepping into this high-ceiling hotel is like entering into a world of wanderlust. It’s a vibrant place with warm colours and places for you to relax and chill out at their ample sofas and spacious lobby just makes it welcoming.

Check-in with a smile with friendly approachable staff whom know their directions to navigate around like a GPS and be secured with lift-access keycards to ensure your privacy.

A gentle swipe of your key-card leads you to this spacious room that is bigger than what i expected and with my eyes caught by the attention of the queen size paradise blanket with gold-prints for the outstanding sleep with 4 fluffy comforters.

Enjoy space all in comfort at the Premier Queen Room with its cool settings and contemporary designs painted throughout the room. I was actually sunk in love with the space and freedom i had in the Cambridge Hotel which had overwhelmed me of a true relaxation.

Rooms are fitted with a wall-mounted TV for your entertainment needs and if you’re feeling hungry, a snack bar is available in the wooden furnished wardrobe with dozens of tea bags, milk, coffee sachets and sugar for your taste buds to be pampered too.

Besides the television, there’s another small personal space that you won’t feel any constraint throughout the whole premier queen room with balcony that feels like a suite instead which was indeed lovely and a room like no other. Fitted with a working desk and a cute flowery table lamp, chill out and enjoy a cup of in-house brewed coffee all at your comfort.

Mesmerized even further with the natural views and natural breeze just a door away – the balcony! The balcony boasts a great view as far as the Sydney Opera House and Central station tower clock and it’s good to accommodate more than 4 pax at the balcony like this and maybe a sun-tanning deck – that’s how cool it is to stay in style.

How about throwing yourself into this ambiance of comfort and elegance on a two-seater sofa while soaking your weary feets on the carpeted floor? With a sofa like this, you don’t have to lie in bed and strain your neck for watching the TV and settle in this nice little cosy area to admire the scenery out there from the balcony.

Time to relieve the weary body? Pamper your skin with the conditioner, soap, shampoo and body lotion and ample face & body towel in the ensuited bathroom at Cambridge Hotel Sydney.

Soak in the rain shower with your private space separated from the exterior with a transparent glass that gets frosted easily with the warm water falling heights above you. Water can get very hot if you turn that knot a little to the left so always be wary and i’m happy that the water is at least warm instead of cold.

An indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi. At least you don’t feel like you’re surfing with the spurting waters and strong winds. Credits to

Check out the indoor heated pool with a jacuzzi and bask on the tanning decks with the sun shining through the glass. Oh, and not to worry because there’s no wind since it’s in the hotel and you can freely swim, relax and laze without strong winds blowing at all directions in exterior pool. A nice place to enjoy without heading out!

Is it really convenient?

As for convenience, it’s swarmed with pubs, restaurants, supermarkets with a peaceful harmony park right in front of its doorstep so it’s a getaway from the bustling areas. However, it’s a long hike up the hills and not for the strong ones especially when it’s a distance in local residences up at the Surry Hills and i’ve to say, i don’t like the walk in through the alleys, a little too far from the main street but a nice place away for relaxation.

This 2 night stay is sponsored by Cambridge Hotel Sydney. Up at Surry Hills and winner of City Of Sydney Business Awards 2011, book your next stay at Cambridge Hotel.

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