Sydney Showboats – Entertainment Cruise on waters

A night-out getaway begins at Darling Harbour where the Sydney Showboats glimmers colorfully at Wharf 5 and attention showered with flashlights flashing at this 2 storey high cruise.

The Sydney Showboat is different from the Magistic Cruises as it offers an hour of international show that brings you all the way to LA to India as well as a 3 course dinner and magic show whereas the Magistic Cruises rewards diner with unlimited buffet dinner and the scenic views of Sydney without any on-board performances so if you want a more vibrant option, the Sydney Showboats will be a preferred choice.

Be dazzled with the spacious seating areas at the first and second level of the wide-bodied cruise as well as a center stage on the first level where exciting performances will be hosted. Tables are adorned with white crisp table cloths and coupled with wine glasses on board the Sydney Showboat.

Start your dinner with a starter course – from bread spread with margarine to marinated chicken drumlets to raw sliced sashimi and chilled prawns that is exceptionally crunchy with every bite, it did fill that grumbling stomach when i settled down at the assigned seat facing the window painted with sea views of Sydney.

I was totally surprised with the size and temptation of the Premium Australian Beef served with soft tofu and potatoes that sink in my mouth and my taste buds were well-pampered with the texture and the easily-cut fully-marinated piece of beef that burst in your mouth after every bite. Even on diet, you can’t resist this heavenly dinner and i need post-gym after that.

After the heavy main course, here comes a lighter course – the Dessert! Coupled with vanilla bean panacotta, rich chocolate cake and heavenly tiramisu, you’ll definitely be re-charged with sweet chocolatey indulgence and strong caffeine and that melting creamy-riched vanilla bean panacotta.

Be enchanted with the magic stunts from in-house magician Rod Junor with his bubbly personality and tricks that will awe you in amazement.

Join in the fun and celebratory ambiance across all ages and nationality for the joyful moments on the Sydney Showboat with champagne (or juices for the kids).

The Sydney Showboats were surprisingly accompanied by pigeons who had been circling throughout the cruise journey and it was amazingly beautiful and peaceful with love and marital bliss which did happen on the cruise….


The night was sweeten when this young couple seated just next to me unexpectedly stood up and walked up the stage with the guy squatting with a ring in his hand and his beloved was shocked that instant that she broke into tears.

Didn’t expect such a proposal on a cruise, so if you’re thinking where to surprise your sweet heart, perhaps this will be your chance to pick up that little courage to the hundred over on-board guests and express your love.

The 1 hour International Dance Show.

Lined up with choreographed performances with sexy dancers whom toned their vocals throughout the whole show and accompanied with a muscular suave dancer to entertain you with their colourful costumes matched with the lights and disco ball that you won’t be left out by the fun, the show was amazingly magnificent and gorgeous.

There was a part on the chorus of a chain of indian songs led by a group of young ladies wearing the indian traditional costumes and singing off their high-toned vocals to sing supposedly indian pop songs and syncing their moves, which was impressed by a group of Indians whom cheered and danced to show their support. Such enthusiasm from the crowd and it was definitely a successful night that you enjoy all-in-one from dinner to show to magic on board the 2.5 hours cruise!

Get on’board the fun and have a blast’ on the Sydney Showboats where you can now enjoy exclusive rates at instead of so see you on board!

The Sydney Showboat experience is brought to you by The Australian Cruise Group. Be enticed with on-board performances and sumptuous dinner at today!

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  1. I too consider Sydney Showboat as the best cruises out here in Sydney Harbour. Even my grandfather is a great fan of Sydney Showboat and will visit them, each time when he visit my house in Sydney. We host most of our Birthday, Office and Christmas party on this location. Amazing venue and good writeup.

    Sy Reply:

    Good to hear that you and your family is a fan of the Sydney Showboat. It had been an enjoyable ride for me, and i’ll sure love to have it on my travel checklist on my next Sydney Trip! 🙂

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