Hokkaido Mt Moiwa – an alternative to million-dollar Hokkaido views

Where do you want to visit for the evening?” my guide questioned as i flipped through the brochures while laying comfortable on a couch at Best Western Sapporo. “Something beautiful for the night..” i mumbled and this caught my attention – Mt Moiwa.

And off we set, without a question asked despite knowing it’s a little far about 1 hour from our hotel and though there’s a nearer one which boast the same kind of sight just next to our hotel, a 1 minute ride, my mind insisted to visit the mountain. It was sooner than i thought it will take, a 35 mins private taxi ride and we reached the foot of the hill.

Ascending in a lift to level 3, we got our tickets for the cableway and were surprised that the queue to board the cableway was so long even on a weekday night. And terribly, we were shocked by how many people were squeezed into a cableway, at least 40 pax to this small space. “Like Japan’s peak hour in a subway“, i chuckled and my guide agreed that it’s like a train back home that you’ve to squeeze despite paying so much for the experience towards the peak.

The cableway slowly raised upwards along the steep slope hung by the rope above us and camera flashlights reflected off the glass as we were taken away with the beautiful sight covered with snow and the colourful city lights shining feets below us.

A spectacular view awaits us after a transit to another cableway and a fleet of stairs lead us to the peak that showcases a 360 degrees view of Sapporo city blanket with fluffy white snow. A skii slope on the mt moiwa that goes all the way down to the foot and the adds-on miniature city lights give a picturesque view of the popular city all in a glance.

Be taken away with the natural beauty lit up like runways up at Mt Moiwa. I was speechless when i swept my eyes from left to right and right to left again, for several times. Too mesmerizing that nothing beats this view that i can touch it!

Didn’t we mention that the skii slope is so so near to us? And it will be fascinating with the speed and steepness down the slopes. Not for the weak-hearted but maybe peak up your courage for the views.

A popular place to wish for more luck by ringing the bell and it sounded so crisp clear up in the mountains. In the midst of coldness, nothing beats a photography for this.

After suffering from the chilly wind, we checked out The Jewel’s Restaurant which is tucked indoors at a corner on the Mt Moiwa. The wait for our turn to be ushered wasn’t a waste because when we settled down at a window seat, no words can put the feeling across this unobstructed views – wow, that’s beautiful!

Feeling hungry after a long hike all the way from Sapporo, i decided to pamper my taste buds with the dinner package less than 4,000 yen ($60 SGD) and i was surprisingly satisfied with the quality and innovations of the 3 course dinner that took us unbelieved of the price at such a high-class ambiance with the views.

This plate of starter has already been a good start of this delicacy sensation with a cold starter of ham, sliced beef and dipped with mayonnaise sauce.

The attentive waiter served us this 2nd plate when he noticed that we’ve swept the starter plate clean and “What.. bread?” i thought it’s another starter….

To my curiosity with a slice through the softly crusted bread, some steam puff emitted from the layers of the thin-crusted crispy bread and “WOW!” greeted me with a pool of beef stew and smell of fragrance carrot mixed with potato and beef just got me chomping that instant (after i got this shot!). The feeling was indescribable – you got to try it yourself here!!!

Life simple pleasures are fulfilled with a scope of this delightful Japanese dessert served with chilly red beans cushioned on the top and sprinkled with Matcha green tea powder over the plate… Tasteful! Nothing regretful for going so far from my hotel for this place and ending up with dinner painted with such picturesque night views.

Getting to Mt Moiwa

A highly recommended place to explore before sunset till the night falls – the Mt Moiwa is a newly discovered place which is now opened to public since December ’11. Hop onto the Nanboku Line (green) south from to Makomonai and catch a free shuttle service that awaits you at the terminal station.

Memories remain at Mt Moiwa, the alternative to a million-dollar view at Mt. Hakodate. Even my guide recommends this scenic place as she didn’t know of this place and praised me for bringing her up to this gorgeous night-out so what’s stopping you on your next trip to Sapporo, Hokkaido?

This trip is sponsored by MOFA Japan. All opinions are purely mine.

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