A Cultural Adventure @ Korean Folk Village, Suwon, Korea

When in Korea, one will not forget about the korean dramas that they recently caught on TV and of course, the idols that have acted out in the drama series. Well, if Da Chang Jing sounds familiar to you, then you’ll be fascinated by this: Our Site-visit to the filming sites!

Traveling in style on-board the Korea Railroad with our KR Pass, we made a swift stop at Suwon, which is located just 45 mins away from Seoul. Filled with excitement, we boarded a free shuttle bus bound for the Korean Folk Village, Suwon which is an hourly service from the Suwon Tourist Centre.

Entrance for the ticket include shows, access to the traditional houses within the premises costs about SGD 15 per pax where you’ll have to spend about a day to explore around. I must say that this place is a well-deserved attraction to visit if you’re heading to Suwon and be entertained with a half-day or day exploration at this hectare compound.

Greeting you near the entrance of the Korean Folk Village is a few rows of tanks which are used to ferment kimchi or to store water at homes in korea today.

A few steps away from the restaurants hosting visitors with local delicacies, there was a traditional house made of ondol (under-floor radiant heating system) and wooden floors which operates the similar concept as a Japanese ryokan and the warmth did rise up from our feet when we stepped onto the ground with curiosity.

The famous show-series Dea Jang Geum was also filmed at where we stood and the other movies that were shot with the scenery and preservation of local korea cultures such as the movie Scandal. Won’t you feel sad that you aren’t there with the mesmerizing scenery and traditions on-site?

This exceptionally strange-looking thick dunk-like tunnel is actually known as Gama where baking of potteries and earthwares are made in the tunnel-sloping where the source of fuel is at the entrance and a tedious effort to make and fire the potteries.

If this looks familiar from what you had noticed on tv dramas, this is a korea medical clinic in the palace back in the good old times with herbs and medicines all-in-store and don’t you want to try your hands flipping the thick stack of books and learning which cures best?

Close enough to nature and we found ourselves close to a carpenter working on thick tree logs and slowly slicing them into art-works on display.

The Korean Folk Village also houses farmer’s houses where you can step into the house and have a look at how traditional and local-influenced with korea authentic customs.

Adding onto your admission ticket, there’s also 4 live performances held twice daily at allocated timings which feature the adrenaline archery & whipping performance which will make you eye-balled on how well-skilled the kids are.

The Korean Folk Village has installed a “jail” where you can have a tour of how a prison looks like and the living conditions and last but not least, handcuffing yourself for photography or the usual punishment of your legs tied and forced by the sticks.

Last but not least, treasure the amazing beauty of the Korean Folk Village and its surroundings that will immerse you in awe. Shot on a traditional stone bridge, it was a 360 degrees unobstructed view with the waters and trees with fallen leaves. A place that you must head for, when in Korea.


The Korean Folk Village is within an easy reach from Suwon KTX Station by free hourly shuttle bus services picking you up at the Suwon Visitor Centre and a tourist destination that you musn’t miss on your next trip to Korea.

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  1. The Korean Folk Village opened in October 1974 as an open-air folk museum and international tourist attraction for both Korean and foreign visitors. Due to its proximity to Seoul, it remains one of the best-known of Korea’s folk villages, although those in the countryside tend to be more authentic. The Folk Village is home to Korean heritage and many features of Korean culture have been collected and preserved for future generations. A traditional marketplace offers exotic flavors of Korean food from various regions, and numerous shops sell a variety of traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, many of which were made on the permises. Performances of Farmers’ Music and Dance and Tightrope Acrobatics are performed in the performing arena twice a day. During spring, summer, autumn, and on weekends and holidays, traditional customs and ceremonies for coming-of-age, marriage, funeral, ancestor memorial, and other ceremonies are recreated. Check the schedule of the day’s events near the main entrance. Try to arrive early for each performance to get a good viewing position.

  2. village at a leisurely pace. This was probably not the best idea under the freezing weather. It was dotted with numerous traditional houses from the countryside. A number of Korean periodic dramas were filmed within the village confines including the 2003 MBC hit drama Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace). Managed to catch the feats of the equestrian and the tightrope acrobatics in the afternoon. Overall, the folk village made a good break from city life. However, unless you are into Korean folk history, you are unlikely to fully appreciate the meanings behind those traditions. I would give my take to the Korean War Memorial and the Olympic Museum anytime. Still, I did not consider my excursion to Suwon a wasted effort as it provided a glimpse of the Korean traditions under the same roof. For visitors on the go, the folk village did serve its intended purpose – to preserve and to educate.

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