Top 5 sightseeing must-visit @ Sydney, Australia

Well-known for its night-life party-all-night that goes wild especially on weekend nights and of course, the popular tourist destinations that keep you in awed which Sydney has packed all of ’em on your trip. We had an opportunity to fly into Sydney and did a free & easy trip with iVenture Pass and stayed across various hotels from Best Western to Park Regis to The Carrington Hotel Blue Mts and Cambridge Hotel.

If you’re heading to Sydney anytime soon, do check out this list of where you have to make extra ticks on your check-lists to go!

| Sydney Opera House |

Before i even did my research on where to go, the Sydney Opera House has engraved in my memory for its iconic unique structure that was remarkable enough to build one which was known impossible to construct.

The idea of the architecture was created through a contest and despite obstacles of building it, the Sydney Opera House now stands proudly at the Circular Quay and houses theatres to studios for concerts and Performing Arts.

Now look at the fine amazing structures that you peek through the windows and be welcomed with the breathtaking views of the opposite Sydney Harbour Bridge and winds sweeping through your hair and across your face.

Don’t forget to hook up with a guided tour behind-the-scenes at Sydney Opera House and hear the stories of past performances and the building of this iconic beauty.

| Sydney Harbour Bridge |

Once known as the highest standing structure in Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge boasts a 360 degrees unobstructed view from the peak of steel. For the brave ones, you can challenge yourself on a hike up against the strong winds and raising height on each ascending step.

Australian National Maritime Museum

A ship enthusiast? Be enriched with ship navigation on a warship and even the rare opportunity to go deep under the waters in a submarine and see for yourself the living conditions within the streamlined ship. All ships on display next to the Australian National Maritime Museum are on separate admission and available on guided tours. Highly recommended for you to make this a half-day stopover at Darling Harbour and continue your exploration at nearby attractions like the Sydney Wildlife, Sydney Aquarium and more within walking distances.

| Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Sydney |

No doubt, the Katoomba Blue Mountains is a must-visit highlight on your next Sydney Trip. Popularly crowded among international visitors, the Three Sisters, Cascade Waterfall or hop on board the Scenic Railway down the steep slopes at high speed down the dark tunnel are worth the stopover destinations 2 hours from Sydney and a quiet town away from the bustling city. Absorbing scenery that will awe you in amazement with the fresh air.

| Sydney Eye Tower|

The last pit stop has to end off at somewhere conjuring with the gorgeous colours painting across the skies of Sydney and far sight away lies the Blue Mountains, Sydney all within your eyes boundary. It was one of the most friendly romantic rays i’ve ever seen with fading colours from warm orange to calming blue skylines that one wouldn’t want to miss out. The best time to admire such a view starts from 5pm in the evening and i practically sat there for almost 2 hours just absorbing the tones of colours.

These attractions are visited completely free, with thanks to iVenture Australia.

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  1. The arial view of the city is amazing Sy. Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries in the southern hemisphere, which are most frequented by the tourists.

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