FREE&EASY South Korea: Petite France & Nami Island

petite france

The Petite France is another destination for two after the popular Nami Island. It’s common for visitors to go to Nami Island on tour packages which is very costly and you can save those dollars for a few sumptuous meals by going on Free&Easy. S.Korea is linked up conveniently, thanks to its subway connectivity and it just takes a transit or two with a shuttle bus at the doorstep to reach these sightseeing areas.

petite france

Consisting of cafes and exhibits of french culture, the Petite France is inspired by French architecture. A guest house is also available within the area for guests to immerse in the rich heritage of ‘local homestay’. Many dramas such as local renowned korea drama Secret Garden are filmed here.

petite france seoul

There are also entertaining shows at limited time-slots by in-house talents. Each show lasts about 15-30 minutes and they have close interaction with the audiences, with some bonded to familiar dramas. Here’s one we caught:

A few stops further on the shuttle bus, the World Heritage Nami island is within another 10 minutes ferry ride on a weird-looking spaceship-alike float. The Nami Island features it unlike any other parks – as one will be welcomed into “immigration-like” embarkation to have their tickets choped before disembarking on the green and romantic destination.

nami island ice sculptures

Occasional activities are held on Nami Island, that include ice-sculpting and water activities on a warm day. There’re also home-stays and accommodations available on the island where you experience a night or two among the woods.

nami island south korea

The Nami Island has tall poplar trees forming the backdrop of this gorgeous snow scene. These poplar trees form a straight row, as seeded by university students and the falling leaves bear a gorgeous view of the chilly winter. It is also the filming site for various korean dramas such as the Winter Sonata.

nami island ostrich

It’s not difficult to understand why Nami Island is a popular destination for all ages. There’s a patch of area roaming around with wild animals – ostrich, squirrels and deers like any other zoo has them.

nami island seoul

Make it a retail therapy or taste-buds tantalising time at the many outlets in hanok (korea traditional houses), and also another way to absorb more warmth during the freezing winter. A museum is also available on-site for the history-buff with more stories to tell.

nami island korea seoul

A statue of a naked woman breastfeeding two children is hard to miss right next to the row of poplar trees. It is also known as “ddong shim” known for poking two fingers up an adult’s butt.

statue nami island

Another statue depicting the Jeju Island, 1 hour by flight from Seoul. These miniature statues are scattered around the island with symbols of luck and prosperity.

nami island korea

Be mesmerised with this nature view of a frozen lake on winter or water sport activities on a sunny day. Nearby Nami Island is also popular for skii activities and some snowflakes splashing times that is much easier on tour packages offered by many companies.

Free & Easy Nami Island:
Alight at Gapyeong on the Gyeongchun Line and hop onto the scheduled shuttle bus for only 500 won/day unlimited pass.

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