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Singapore is one of the world hottest destinations, and it’s jam packed with content to explore. During one of my own explorations, I was invited by my friend to a birthday party. Since I was keen to explore every nook and cranny of this fabulous place, and get a little bit deeper into the culture, I had to accept the invite.

For that special occasion, I decided that flowers would be the most appropriate choice to bring to the party, and I didn’t want to be rude and bring nothing. So I began a very simple Google search which led me to scratch my head over all the different shops there are. Since, I am an online kind of guy when it comes to shopping for gifts, I decided to go for A Better Florist, because their website drew me in the most. It’s clean, straight to the point, and they had some really tantalizing images of flowers, even for me as a guy.

After a short stroll through their online shop, and a bit of stalking on Instagram, I came to the conclusion that this is going to be my favourite cheap florist in Singapore. Not only do they have very imaginative arrangements, they were super affordable for me at that particular moment. In certain occasions, what you get isn’t what you pay for. In this case I got so much more.

A Better Florist is company that puts a lot of thought into their arrangements, and a lot of thought into fast delivery. This birthday party was kind of a last-minute invite, so I needed someone who’s going to act fast. This is exactly what they did. They confirmed they can deliver the flowers tomorrow, and they didn’t fail me.

Singapore is a concrete jungle filled with such a large number of stores, that I consider myself lucky stumbling upon one of the most affordable and fast services there are. Once I took a more thorough sneak peek at their social media, I was convinced that everyone was just as thrilled as I was.

Overall, they offer a fantastic service, their website is so easy to navigate and also shop on. No long processes, no overwhelming selections that you have to scroll the entire day, eventually closing the window because you can’t handle all the confusing options.

I would highly recommend A Better Florist if you ever venture to Singapore. This team of florists is fantastic.

This is a guest post.

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