Divers (& Non-Divers) -this Water Paradise in Malaysia is a closer Maldives alternative!

Having just received my Advanced Open Water Dive certification recently, I couldn’t wait to explore new dive sites. One of the places that came to mind was Redang Island, well known for its sandy beaches of fine powder white sand as well as its crystal-clear waters. The waters here sparkle under the glaring sun with a shade of aquamarine blue, where many fishes such as groupers, parrotfish, triggerfish are a common sight. Gigantic boulders are known to dominate the waters with a carpet of soft and hard corals, with its local inhabitants of sea anemones and clownfishes.

Hidden just 1 hours 30 minutes worth of boat ride away from Terengganu airport, lies Laguna Redang island Resort, the doorstep to paradise, and the start of our diving adventures.

Boat ride 1h30mins away from Terengganu

Checking in to the resort, one can immediately feel a sense of relief, away from the hustle & bustle of the city life and ease straightaway into your holiday mode. Other than grabbing a cocktail and chilling by the beach side, there’s also a series of activities you can choose from such as snorkeling, diving, island excursion, kayaking, beach volleyball, sunset cruises, archery or a massage, just to name a few.

View from breakfast buffet restaurant
View from room overlooking the beach

The Pulau Redang Marine Park area has one of the best coral reefs and marine ecosystem in Malaysia, with its crystal clear blue water that you could almost see the bottom of the ocean from the top, as well as its spectacular coral reefs, just waiting to be discovered by mankind.

Shore dive for equipment check
Finding Nemo

Crystal Clear visibility underwater

The bad weather condition of slight drizzle and large underwater current did not dampen our spirits at all, as a whole new world was unveiled before our eyes. There are many dive spots around in Pulau Redang for divers to explore, along with the Marine Park conservation of the area, there is minimal disruption and issues of overcrowding during your dives. There is a great variety of corals to be seen, reef fish to be discovered, as well as a fair share of green turtles on a lucky day.

For those who do not have a dive license, you are also able to enjoy your time over at the resort, which is fun-filled with activities for everyone.

Snorkelling in clear water

You could easily rent a pair of snorkel mask and life vest, and go snorkeling in the ocean directly in front of the resort, where there are corals, fishes and even a dozen family of baby white sharks calling the place their home. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Look at how clear the water is!
View of the beach
Simple stroll in the evening
Turtle releasing time! This baby turtle was just born today!
This sea turtle conservation program saves turtle that are facing extinction under the threat of commercial fishing, climate change, predation, beach activities, harvesting and marine pollution.
Resort overlooking the sea
Take a quick dip in the pool under the hot sun!
You could literally make out the many different shades of blue

Malaysia has in recent years seen a large boost in dive tourism as more dive spots are being discovered and explored along Peninsular Malaysia, for example Miri, wrecks of Labuan, Sipadan, Tenggol, Layang Layang, Perhentian, etc. These abundance of dive spots featuring warm clear waters, vibrant underwater reefs and a large diversity of sea creatures is certainly tempting for all divers, either for diving or for taking up your next open water diving course. Till then!

Photo credits: Official Photographers.

The writer was a guest of Tourism Malaysia.

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