About Travel Blogger

Hello! I am Sy, a travel blogger in Singapore and has been hooked up with my passion to explore new places and sharing my experiences across my social media platforms that you can easily connect: twitter | facebook | foursquare | as well as my travel blog where you’re here now.

Radiantly glowing with his desires and dreams to step across more unexplored places, Sy loves his burnin’ passion of travelling which allows him to see the world through his eyes.

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AirAsia has been an active supporter of Sylistic.com. Flying us from Jogja & Bali in Indonesia, Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia to Bangkok & Ubon in Thailand.AirAsia


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Sy was invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan to witness the 3.11 after-math in Japan. He traveled on a one-week trip fully-paid by MOFA and stayed in local ryokan as well as attended the commemorative event on 3 March ’12. This attracted the attention of international media which include NHK Radio Japan whom interviewed SY on his thoughts and feelings of his trip and the stay in the ryokan.

EXCLUSIVE! Radio Japan Focus Japan as Reported by Foreign Bloggers interview by NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN on our 3.11 Japan Trip. (Start 9:02 onwards)

Sylistic.com has also grabbed 4 finalist awards in the recent Singapore Blog Awards 2011 as the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATED BLOG, BEST SHOPPING, BEST TECH AND BEST MOBILE BLOG!

As for now , Howdy to the adventures of mine and wish you have a pleasant stay here with all my stories and insider tips to keep your traveling passion going!