Hike to Chengdu Mt. Long Quan

chengdu by sylistic on 26th July 2010

Guess where’s this place ………… This is the way towards Mt. Long Quan – on a bus ride ! Amazing isn’t it ? Another relaxation place in the middle of the road Reached Mt. Long Quan Chengdu 龙泉风景旅游区 – Mt Long Quan Chengdu is a scenic tourist location for many – for the flower blossoms … Continue reading “Hike to Chengdu Mt. Long Quan”

The 5 senses of Chengdu

chengdu by sylistic on 28th June 2010

Missed Part 1 & Part 2 ? Where in the WORLD is CHENGDU ??????? Country : CHINA , CHENGDU CURRENCY : REN MIN BI (RMB) Getting Around : Bus , Taxi , Bicycle If the word ‘CHENGDU’ doesn’t look and sounds so familiar to you , it’s time to discover Chengdu , SiChuan which is … Continue reading “The 5 senses of Chengdu”

Crossing Continents …. Chengdu on Long Haul Air Asia X [ Spon ]

chengdu by sylistic on 24th June 2010

Missed Part 1 ? http://sylistic.com/travel/2010/06/18/getting-to-chengdu-part-1/ Part 2 After landing at KL LCCT , the immigration is quick speedy because it’s still very early in the morning. My mum and I have already checked-in ONLINE and our seats have already been allocated online , hence there’s not much hassle to check-in at LCCT airasia Counters ! … Continue reading “Crossing Continents …. Chengdu on Long Haul Air Asia X [ Spon ]”