ibVille Myeongdong Seoul homestay | Roomorama.com

Korea by sylistic on 17th January 2012

Immerse in a local homestay to experience local culture and lifestyle? Roomorama.com, an online website that one can search for apartments which are an alternative to hotels, offer the best channel for you to search for a stay hosted by locals for travellers to feel-like-home during their stay abroad. Roomorama.com also extends its hands to … Continue reading “ibVille Myeongdong Seoul homestay | Roomorama.com”

KFC sooooo good… why?

Advertorial Smell .. Smell that familiar fragrance? And HEAR a continuous crispiness filling the air, that’s the famous KFC that houses diners feasting into those crispy fried chickens and dipping into those sauces plus the other yummy finger lickin’ good meals that satisfy every hungry stomach! Now hear from in-house guests on how different the … Continue reading “KFC sooooo good… why?”

Experience BestHotelOnline.com – worldwide hotels at a reach

What’s the key you’ll search for before you click on the payment button on hotel agent websites? UNLOCK THE BEST DEAL. Indeed, BestHotelOnline.com, a Hong Kong based hotel agent offers a wide range of hotels from 2 star to 5 star hotels across 248 countries that you will have no reasons not to find the … Continue reading “Experience BestHotelOnline.com – worldwide hotels at a reach”