Sylistic hates to leave – Goodbye Chengdu

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This will be the season finale of Sylistic’s blogging experiences in Chengdu . It really sucks to leave this place because the weather is great , transport all easily accessible country-wide and to other states like Chong Qing and more , cheap good food – TASTY WANTON AND CHAO SHOU as well as those hot pipping noddles in this cold weather and those bread going at 10 for SGD $1 Read More…


Wen Shu Yuan – A deeper exploration

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As continued to PART 1 of Wen Shu Yuan where you can enjoy local delights and historical heritages , follow us on part 2 as below ……….. You can even enjoy banking in the historic atmosphere and their police station too – very interesting places And shophouses with citizens staying up above these tea houses and hope we hope Singapore’s chinatown has this kind of so relaxing places to play Read More…


Explore Magnificient Chengdu – Wen Shu Yuan

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Chengdu Wen Shu Yuan also known as 成都文殊院街 is an incredible historic street where you can appreciate and enjoy the old street style and the buddhist association also lies there , with a glimpse of the beautiful cultural relics that are preserved in the monastery. Luckily or not, Chengdu Wen Shu Yuan is just 10 mins walk away from my hotel , ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL CHENGDU , hence it’s always Read More…


Hike to Chengdu Mt. Long Quan

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Guess where’s this place ………… This is the way towards Mt. Long Quan – on a bus ride ! Amazing isn’t it ? Another relaxation place in the middle of the road Reached Mt. Long Quan Chengdu 龙泉风景旅游区 – Mt Long Quan Chengdu is a scenic tourist location for many – for the flower blossoms and annual Chengdu International Peach Festival that opened on March 16 annually which attracts many Read More…


Boat Ride to Le Shan Giant Buddha

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Coming to LE SHAN , like mentioned in previous post , is a fortunate thing , because many usually come to LE SHAN for safety before they head up to Mt. Emei Part 1 and EMEISHAN . Temperature of Chengdu was at 10 DEGREES Celcius , so bear in mind a jacket , if you’re heading there between November to April . The ticketing office for a Boat Ride . Read More…


Le Shan Giant Buddha Chengdu

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Missed our Mt. Emei Part 1 and Mt. Emei Part 2 ? | About Le Shan Giant Buddha Le Shan Giant Buddha is another tourist scenic destination , attracting thousands and millions yearly to this UNESCO World Heritage Site , besides EMEISHAN , MOUNT EMEI . Being the largest carved stone Buddha in the world and the tallest statue in the world , standing at 71 metres (233 feet) tall Read More…


Back with Mount Emei , from PART 1 with the different wowing scenery at the foot of the mountain . Awarded as a UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] world heritage site for EMEISHAN , being natural and wowing . A brief introduction of Mt. Emei , a world heritage site . An awesome tourist attraction site , located up , quite far away from the entrance .. Read More…


Climb Mount Emei Chengdu Part 1 !

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If you haven’t heard of EMEISHAN , Where’ve you been all these while ?! Emeishan is a world recognised UNESCO destination where many tourists flock to yearly , as temperature drops to -12 degrees at the peak and there are cable cars available near the peak to send passengers up to the peak. Reason being that routes are too misty and slippery , hence cable car will replace the cars Read More…


Seeing Chengdu in small sized bits .

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Missed Part 1 & Part 2 – Flying AIRASIA X to CHENGDU & PART 3 – ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL ? It’s never too late to check them out ! Exploring Chengdu , going to different attractions have never been more fun than this , with easy access to different tourists location such as Emeishan [ 峨嵋山 ] , Le Shan [ 乐山 ] and many more fascinating places. Express Coach Read More…


WoWness Stay : Enjoyable Stars Hotel Chengdu

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Before i get to know this pretty trendy hotel that has just been built in year 2009 , i have done alot of research , but as you know , i always go after only 4 to 5 star hotels , unless i had stayed the hotel before . However, most 4 star hotels range above RMB 280 and more , hence i was fortunate enough to stumble onto this Read More…