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Mad about Chicken @ Popeyes !

Written by sylistic On June - 20 - 2011 under Deal Guru

SPONSORED Landing our footprints at Singapore Flyer , the world’s largest observation wheel …. for something chicken-ey and delicious for you to grab for more …………….. Fully glassed and so convenient to get to Popeyes @ Singapore Flyer – just a few metres from the bus stop and MRT Station ! When we got there for dinner , it was amazingly fully packed and the queues are so extreme long Read More…


If you’ve been following our blog on the 1st coverage of Grand Duck Restaurant Nagoya Mall , have you been amazed of the sumptuous food at such low prices that beats what we could have in Singapore and considering the peaceful and comfortable environment to dine in ? Well , we hope you do and we’ve sprung back for more on our very last post on Grand Duck Restaurant Kepri Read More…


Savouring RM 6.99 Fish & Chips Manhattan Fish Market @ JB

Written by sylistic On April - 7 - 2011 under Major Events

Howdy peeps & Fish lovers ! Being a travel blogger , GUESS WHERE WE ARE ?! Yes !!!!!! You’re right – truely ASIA MALAYSIA !!!!! The famous Jusco ÆON Tebrau City Shopping Mall ….. just for ……… Shopping ? Hanging Out ? Not really , but we’re insane for THIS BIG ( MEGA BIG ) hot looking offer that sparks our interest to travel from Singapore just for this . Read More…


Jonker Walk Malacca : where your taste buds survive !

Written by sylistic On December - 23 - 2010 under MALACCA

Jonker walk Malacca is in the central of ancient Malacca , which is open only on Friday , Saturday and Sunday . There’s no doubt for the large number of Singaporeans and students wearing school uniforms chomping down Jonker Walk ,due to the broadcast of the famous show ” LITTLE NYONYA ” 【小娘惹】 in Singapore and Malaysia . Here i am , in Jonker Walk Malacca , just steps away Read More…


1st Dinner in Tokyo !

Written by sylistic On October - 22 - 2010 under JAPAN

What do you first think of Japanese Food ? Sizzling Hot beef noodles ? Sushi that makes you drool like mad ? And of course , this , being my 1st dinner in Tokyo has been a strange encounter and a different kind of experience , with purchase of food from vending machines – that means you don’t need to speak any word or signalling what you want . Of Read More…


Explore Magnificient Chengdu – Wen Shu Yuan

Written by sylistic On July - 27 - 2010 under chengdu

Chengdu Wen Shu Yuan also known as 成都文殊院街 is an incredible historic street where you can appreciate and enjoy the old street style and the buddhist association also lies there , with a glimpse of the beautiful cultural relics that are preserved in the monastery. Luckily or not, Chengdu Wen Shu Yuan is just 10 mins walk away from my hotel , ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL CHENGDU , hence it’s always Read More…


New World Park Penang : Tasty Food Glories

Written by sylistic On April - 9 - 2010 under Penang

Who says you can’t find tasty food easily in penang ? I didn’t manage to explore Penang in deep due to time constraint and was there only 1 night Nevertheless, managed to find some great food at reasonable prices and 1 minute walk from Tunehotels Penang . NEW WORLD PARK Surprisingly but true that the prices of food are quite reasonable including restaurants and food courts. It’s next to TUNEHOTELS Read More…