Last November, we sent our guest blogger Melissa to Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, one of Penang’s most exquisite resort hotel and stayed as an invited guest at Rasa Wing. Her stay, full on-board meals and activities were paid by Shangri-la. Situated along the northern shoreline facing the Andaman Sea, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang sits within a 30-acre tropical landscaped garden, interspersed with centuries-old rain trees Read More…


I always feel the need to share my experiences as i know many budget travelers out there have lots of questions like HOW to get to Hat Yai from Penang but don’t have adequate information. Well, i have spent hours searching on the internet before this trip and there are no proper resources to show tourists like us , where to board the vehicle and the timings of the van Read More…


Xclusive Visit : Penang’s Ghee Hiang

Written by On April - 11 - 2010 under Penang

Where have you been if you don’t know PENANG is famous for its Tau Sar Piah ? For every visitor who visits Penang, it is always common to see them with bags of Tau Sar Pneah and if you’re still in the loss of what i’m talking about : It’s a little saltish but nice aroma and taste  & i always finish the whole box within 3 days ! Total Read More…


Penang BEST ! Dian Xin Zhi Jia [点心之家]

Written by On April - 10 - 2010 under Penang

Finding probably the ‘best’ dim sum ( 点心 )  in Penang ? Well,thanks to my friend’s recommendation and walking distances from tunehotels that allow me to walk and save taxi fares , it’s about 20 minutes walk to Dian Xin Zhi Jia : 点心之家 . It’s a last minute decision to head over there as i was with 2 folks and have to be aware of the walking distances . Read More…


New World Park Penang : Tasty Food Glories

Written by On April - 9 - 2010 under Penang

Who says you can’t find tasty food easily in penang ? I didn’t manage to explore Penang in deep due to time constraint and was there only 1 night Nevertheless, managed to find some great food at reasonable prices and 1 minute walk from Tunehotels Penang . NEW WORLD PARK Surprisingly but true that the prices of food are quite reasonable including restaurants and food courts. It’s next to TUNEHOTELS Read More…


Jetstar to Penang ! [ Penang Airport ]

Written by On April - 7 - 2010 under Penang

Zoomed off to penang after 3 weeks rest in Singapore , from Chengdu . 29 MARCH 2010 I was on JETSTAR 3K673 FROM SINGAPORE to PENANG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . Flight departure was 7AM and it reached there pretty early , at around 8:15 am . I  always enjoyed taking flights , because i won’t have to suffer the long draggy journey from coach that takes 12 hours to reach ! Read More…


Tunehotels Penang : A sense of Home Comfort

Written by On April - 6 - 2010 under Penang

Disclosure : This is NOT a sponsored advertorial and neither is affiliated with , though we hope we are ! If you’ve been to Penang for multiple times and wondering if there’s comfortable hotels at low prices in Penang , there’s one that you can consider, if you won’t need a TV and comfortable with the pay-as-you-use ! employ a  NO-FRILL concept which is the best choice Read More…