Waking up to an early morning flying experience at iFly Singapore, we didn’t regret our decision to fly though we could’ve caught up with more sleep over the weekends. Admitting that I was a little nervous whether I might face nausea or any motion sickness, I flew my first ifly free-form under the guidance of experts and managed to overcome any fears I initially had in mind. Warmly welcomed by Read More…


” I …. never thought something like this to happen to ME …. I thought it was going to be something really romantic ….. I WAS SO BORED ….” Does this sound familiar to you ? Do you even fall out with your another half because he / she thinks you are simply so unromantic with the same roses or same old boring place for a date out ? Well Read More…


Fort Siloso – The Surrender Chamber

Written by On July - 17 - 2011 under Others

The Japanese occupation in Singapore started in year 1942 and ended at 1945 with the Japanese surrendering to the British after atomic bombs were dropped at Hiroshima . You could also read about our coverage of the area where the Hiroshima Atomic Dome exists and stands after the bomb was dropped within the area . The surrender chamber was indeed one of the saddest moments to end off the sorrows Read More…


Unearth History @ Fort Siloso Sentosa

Written by On July - 12 - 2011 under Others

The Fort Siloso Sentosa has always been a dream for me ever since the day i studied history of Singapore in my good old days and Fort Siloso Sentosa has been mentioned multiple times that it has sparked my enthusiasm for a must visit attraction . The cannon is of course one of the top attractions of Fort Siloso and many other guns and buildings on display . Honestly , Read More…


Go Nature @ Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre !

Written by On July - 8 - 2011 under Others

Experience nature right at your doorstep , only @ Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre . Amazingly if nature’s in for you , the Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre is free of charge with 2 guided tours daily around the area , only free to Sentosa Play Pass Holders . The entrance towards the Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre – with the different species of natures – barks and more ! The road to Read More…


Desperados : Wanted DEAD or ALIVE !

Written by On June - 9 - 2011 under Others

Seen the excitement , now’s time for us to get down to enjoy the horse riding experience and shooting our enemies down – indeed another must not miss attraction on your next footprints onto Sentosa ! *peng peng peng* with my gun ! Nothing beats the excitement for shooting down targets . Ahoy cowboy at the Desperados with so much excitement sitting on “horse” and your mission is ……. simply Read More…


Pirates Ahoy @ Sentosa Singapore

Written by On June - 3 - 2011 under Others

Armed with our tickets exchanged at the redemption counter …….. just in front of ……….. The fully packed Ticketing counter that isn’t a good idea to queue for them , hence the convenience for a 1 DAY PLAY PASS ! ( Now you know hur ! ) The many many tickets all within our hand for a great escapade all in 1 ~ The place we had a blast , Read More…


Flutter freely @ Butterfly Park Sentosa

Written by On June - 1 - 2011 under Others

For the nature enthusiasts who love to get close to nature & those flying insects like butterflies fluttering around you freely , the butterfly park is the perfect place for you to experience freedom . One of the beautiful birds – parrots ? No idea But it’s beautiful isn’t it with the mouth of the bird ! Undisturbed and busy with helping themselves with the sweet fruits , how good Read More…


Breathtaking Sky Luge !

Written by On May - 23 - 2011 under SENTOSA

Imagine yourself up in the skies of a height of 5 storey high with your feets hanging in the air , how does that feel ?! And what a mesmerizing night leisure ride , without the jewel box , but in an open air 15 minutes ride ! We present you ……… The SMILEY SKY LUGE ! ( Nope , not for the weak hearted ! ) Ahh see , Read More…


Vroom Vroom … Luge @ Sentosa !

Written by On May - 22 - 2011 under SENTOSA

The Luge @ Sentosa is extremely popular for family goers and no doubt for non-drivers who don’t own a driving license , it will be the way we can really drive a luge down the turns and go down at 60km/hr where you will be blown by the breeze ! The worst time to ride a luge is after noon when the crowd starts flooding in and it will be Read More…