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Taiwan Beauty: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Walk-about

Written by sylistic On July - 2 - 2013 under TAIWAN

A street across Hotel73 (the hotel that we were hosted on our Taiwan trip) painted a majestic emperor-like buildings fenced around by white and blue tiles. What’s that, i thought and decided to seek for directions to any nearby attractions, thinking that they were just the normal museums which i’ve visited enough. “You can head over to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Pretty big and guards changing parade is also Read More…


Wulai District – Taipei’s hidden tourist destination

Written by sylistic On February - 17 - 2013 under TAIWAN

When i first heard about Wulai from one of my travel friend Muiee, i wondered “Where’s Wulai?”. Is it at the outcast of the city, how far is it from Taipei? With some guidance of google, i was transported to a relaxing city-escapade getaway for a night in Wulai, Taipei. Wulai is a cultural village focused with its scenic mountainous sight and gastronomic street food worth queuing up for. Winding Read More…


Taipei Jiu-Fen Scenic Night Market – Food & Shop Hunts

Written by sylistic On January - 29 - 2013 under TAIWAN

Making our second trip to Jiu-Fen after our first meeting with the typhoon that swept away the appearance of the stalls at this scenic destination, we filled with anxiety in hopes that the stores will be opened despite the chilly weather. That didn’t disappoint us as we were greeted with crowds gathering along the street, and what’s more to ask for with such a sight just in time for the Read More…


Dual Sony Cameras A57 & GW77 on-the-go trip with SONY

Written by sylistic On December - 12 - 2012 under TAIWAN

As a Sony Camera user of A29, I’ve always been satisfied with how lightweight and handy the camera has been producing photos. Though it produced some dull photos due to light intensity and blury photos at night which improves with the help of tripod and stable hands, the on-par shots are still usually achievable. Just recently, the kind folks over at SONY changed our perception with a more advanced featured Read More…


Ambience Hotel Taipei | A CityInn Group Stay

Written by sylistic On December - 8 - 2012 under TAIWAN

Crowned as Taipei’s 1st Boutique-designed Hotels and winner of 2012 HotelClub Most Futuristic Hotel category, the Ambience Hotel Taipei is a peaceful getaway from the busy city thanks to its quieter location. Presented in its understated iconic white colours, the Ambience Hotel Taipei is one of the design hotels under Taipei inn Group. Since our last stay at Hotel73 and Dandy Hotel Tianmu, we decided to try another branch of Read More…


A city escapade stay | Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort Wulai Taiwan

Written by sylistic On November - 25 - 2012 under TAIWAN

Nestled in the greens & sound of naturals, the Volando Urai Spring Spa Resort 馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店 is one of the well-received resort in Wulai, Taipei, Taiwan. Ranging from Mountain View rooms to Spring Spa Suite, there’s more you’ll expect for a stay. Away from the norm, the Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort isn’t a usual haunt for just a stay. Focused on romantic stays and one that gets closer to Read More…


Hotel QUOTE Taipei | A Small Luxury Hotels of the World Elegancy

Written by sylistic On October - 28 - 2012 under TAIWAN

Filled with anxiety and excitement, we arrived at an airport shuttle stop near Taipei Arena. With some quick navigations and landmarks, google maps displays that the hotel is just around the corner. We’ve always wanted to stay at Hotel QUOTE recommended by friends and online social media status updates on Hotel QUOTE for its stylish-exquisite rooms and tranquility that outshines the others. The ambiance of the hotel highlights from the Read More…


Tiger Airways flew us to Taipei from all-new TERMINAL 2 Singapore!

Written by sylistic On October - 20 - 2012 under TAIWAN

Welcoming us to its new home at Terminal 2, Tiger Airways extended an invitation of a return all-paid expedition on its A320 flight to Taipei. It was our first time flying from Terminal 2 on a budget airline and a trip to look forward to with much more assured comfort and convenience. Since our flight was covered, this gave us the flexibility to look for nice hotels in Taipei that Read More…


Cijin island Exploration @ Kaohsiung Taiwan

Written by sylistic On February - 29 - 2012 under TAIWAN

Arriving at kaohsiung city, the one thing that you may consider spending your day-out is at Cijin Island, located just 15 mins from Kaohsiung Island by ferry… like those you see in vietnam or Indonesia that motorists can load their motorcycles on-board without any hassle to connect both islands together. Easy boarding starts from exchanging coins and inserting them into the automated machine before you push your bike or bicycle Read More…